Why Try Meditation?

Woman Meditating

Meditation has become quite popular in the West in the last few decades. This ancient practice has grown to reach many people across different cultures, experiences, and lands. There are reasons that meditation has grown in popularity. It helps with many things! Simply doing a morning meditation to start the day can dramatically change your experience. Here are a few reasons you may try practicing meditation. You may also check out our post Mindfulness Meditation and Our Health to learn about some research on meditation and human health.

Anxiety and Stress

This is one of the biggest reasons people come to meditation practice. Whether you’re experiencing stress and anxiety from something big in your life, or the everyday stress that builds up from family, work, and life commitments, meditation can be a great tool to add to your toolbox.

Meditation can help us to tune into the stress we’re experiencing and learn to work with it. Through practices like body scans and self-compassion, we learn to notice the anxiety as it is arising and respond with care. Over time, this practice can help us to dramatically change our relationship with the anxious moments.

Trying MeditationSleep and Rest

Meditation can be extremely helpful in falling asleep. Many people struggle with insomnia or staying asleep through the night. Research has found that mindfulness meditation can be quite effective in clinical studies at treating insomnia.

You can meditate in bed before going to sleep, find meditations for sleep, or even meditate during your day. As you continue to practice, you will find yourself more relaxed and at ease, and more able to deal with the anxiety or racing thoughts that may keep you up at night!

In Relationships

Relationships are a place where meditation can really help us. It can help in intimate relationships, friendships, and professional relationships. When we practice meditation, we can bring mindfulness and care to the way we interact with people. We can practice tuning in, listening, and responding with compassion.

In my personal relationships, I’ve seen my meditation practice deeply help. I’m able to be more patient, understanding, and kind. Mindfulness means paying attention, and we can really pay attention and show up for those in our lives.

Anger and Irritation

Mindfulness meditation has deeply helped me with anger in my life. With mindfulness practice, we can tune into the moments of irritation and agitation before we’re falling into full-blown anger. Rather than waiting until we are furious, we can notice when we are experiencing some mellow resentment or agitation.

Here is a great meditation for anger we love. Give it a shot and use it regularly to work with anger in meditation practice.

Slowing Down

Meditation can deeply help us slow down. We get going on autopilot during our days and forget to pause and be present. Before we know it, our days are over and complete. With mindfulness practice during the day, we can really be present and live. Try taking a few deep breaths during your day, returning to where you actually are.