Which Drugs are the Most Addictive?

most addictive drugs

Addiction affects millions of people all around the world everyday and even claim lives in a daily basis. This is a raging disease that is way out of control. But fortunately we know how to control this and all sorts of methods and trials are in effect every day to get the world rid of drug abuse and save countless lives. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease that increases behaviors that influence negative drug seeking habits despite the harmful effects and crushing consequences of it. The worst part about drugs is that it destroys the true emotion behind a person and brings out the negatives from them. Now let us get down to the original thought and get into the most addictive drugs and why they are so.

addiction and withdrawalFirst we have to know about the classifications of addicting drugs. If we are talking about prescription drugs, then the abused drugs fall into three categories. Those are:

  1. Opioids: Because of their numbing effect and pain killing activity, opioids are a major choice for drug abuse as they give off a euphoric and pleasing after effect when taken.
  2. CNS Depressants: These are also known as tranquillizers. Benzodiazepines fall into this class and are some of the most abused drugs all over the world. They give off a calm relaxing effect and put the brain to a neutral state. Things like Valium withdrawal or Xanax withdrawal can actually be fatal.
  3. Stimulants: These drugs are mostly used to enhance brain activity and boost bodily functions.

The addictive quality of drugs is measured on basis of its effect on both the body and the society. Researches focuses on the withdrawal symptoms, the adverse effects, drugs street value, price and also how pleasurable it can be. The most addictive drugs are,

  • Heroin: Heroin undoubtedly takes the cake in this list. According to research it causes the brains dopamine level to hit 200% more which causes a devastating withdrawal and is quite cheaper and more available compared to other drugs. Heroin also causes death in an ill fated manner. This is why this drug is banned all over the world and has heavy consequences if caught consuming or peddling.
  • Cocaine: There is a saying that, Cocaine is one hell of a drug. Ironically enough it is indeed true. Because cocaine is basically hell for the victim. This drug is insanely addictive and if taken only a few times it can get someone hooked. It interferes with the dopamine reactor and causes the neurons to stop the dopamine release flow. So the body falls into a loop of endless need of cocaine bringing it to its demise.
  • Tobacco: The main addictive ingredient of tobacco is nicotine and it can get the lungs and the body completely reliant on it. Regular tobacco users get hooked and have imbalance and irregular bodily functions when tobacco is not taken in. This drug also causes countless people to fall into the limbo of chronic grueling lung diseases which often results in fatality.