Tips for Living a Healthier Life

Do you want the lasting energy that a healthy life can provide? Many people have searched endlessly through thousands of pages of information to uncover the secrets. With such a wealth of knowledge we decided that it would be a good idea to put some of our daily secrets into a short article for your convenience. No longer will you have to search through innumerable webpages or listen to your grandmother share her secret recipe, we have done it all for you!

The secret to lasting energy is a healthy mindset. Though there are various supplements and foods that you can eat, if you don’t have a positive outlook and are trying to better yourself, the vitamins and minerals won’t work their magic. The key to unlocking a healthy mindset is individual for each person. We cannot give you a positive outlook, but our team has provided you the keys to unlock your vitality once you have a desire to change.

Each member of our team has a favorite supplement, and there are countless websites which will tell you contradictory information on what supplement is best for you. James enjoys starting the day off with a blended homemade smoothie, enhanced with kale and antioxidants, whereas I prefer starting with a wholesome breakfast and a vegan-friendly supplement. Each person will have their own routine, the important thing is finding your own.

Genetics play an unforeseen role as well in living a healthy life, it’s why doctors are unable to find a one-size-fits-all approach to health. Why is it that a 104-year-old woman is perfectly healthy while drinking 3 cans of Dr. Pepper a day, when Tom the health-nut runner is struggling at 55? We are individual people with differing needs. Some of us are allergic to the very supplements that keep others of us alive. Though we have compiled recommendations, we suggest that you try each individually instead of loading all of them into a single shake.

A healthy life requires balance, we believe that the healthiest people are those who have found that balance and have a drive to continue to live a healthily. The secret is that there is no secret, though there are some cheat codes we have compiled to make it easier to achieve your goals.

We recommend you visit a doctor before beginning any program or change in diet, they can identify what you are deficient in, as well as inform you what you need to cut back on. We recommend beginning the change in a slow manner, instead of going gung-ho and changing everything from diet to lifestyle. Though it may be frustrating, a slow approach is the successful one.

Joey, a member of our team, recalls his experience after graduating college. He had been a runner in college and found friends in his workplace that were very interested in running. He expected to be able to jump back in and quickly return to his high school form. After several injuries he found that he had to restrict himself, rather than pushing past the point in which his body could handle. Self-control became his lifeblood and he eventually found success running with his new friends.

After visiting a doctor, and finding what vitamins and minerals you are deficient in, find a drink mixture that contains many of the things you are deficient in. By personalizing your diet you can achieve far more than by mindlessly drinking apple cider vinegar each day because a blog told you to. There are thousands of different mixtures and supplements that are personalized for your specific deficiency for a low cost that can be found either on amazon, or at your local vitamin and mineral store.

Remember as you’re beginning your new routine that you have a host of videos and people who can help you along your journey. I recommend finding a workout, or health friend who you can transition with to ease the drastic change in lifestyle. They can provide motivation to stay on your diet and together you can encourage one another to go the gym. Remember to start gradually and not to be overwhelmed. Your body will thank you and you will find yourself with more energy, and can get up to face the days challenges. We assure you that while there is a wealth of knowledge available, that you will find the greatest success in personalizing your diet and reaching out for help to doctors, family members, friends, and millions of scholars on the internet. We wish you success and know you can do it!