Our Secret to Long Lasting Energy

What do we know that we are dying to tell the world? It’s a little secret about finding how to get more out of your day that many people don’t understand. As people constantly search for ways to be healthy, we think that we’ve found the way to finally feel energized throughout the day. Here’s what everyone in our team has been doing to become more productive and get more done.

As a team we conducted an experiment to see whether or not we would have more energy without morning coffee. Many of our members felt it would be impossible since it was what got them up each morning, but to their dismay found that after the withdrawals of about a week they were waking up feeling renewed, more happy and better able to take on the day. At the same time we started supplementing a basic fruit and vegetable powder into everyone’s morning water. The results were immense, suddenly everyone was more productive and we were able to achieve far more as a team.

We figured that our bodies had ended up becoming reliant on caffeine every morning, since most of us had been drinking multiple cups of coffee a day, for up to 35+ years! Besides the headaches, and fatigue we experienced on the first day or so, we actually started feeling better very fast!

What began as a simple experiment protruded into our daily lives. Originally we had planned to only go for a month without coffee in our office, but because of the results we ended up throwing out all our coffee makers. Due to the increase in productivity, many of our members were able to leave earlier because they finished work so early. Though it may not be for everyone, we’ve found a solution to long lasting energy.