Detoxing the Body from Drugs

Detoxing from Drugs

As you probably know, drugs wreak havoc on your body. When you want to detox the body from the drugs you’ve been using, it may be quite uncomfortable or even painful. Benzodiazepine withdrawal could perhaps be the worst drug withdrawal out there, but other drugs like alcohol, opioids, and stimulants all can leave people feeling beat up while trying to detox.

Medical Detox Facilities

First, it’s important to note that you may need professional medical help! Getting the right help in detoxing is the first step you can take toward living a healthier life. At medical detox facilities, a team of clinicians help individuals rid their bodies of drugs and alcohol in a safe and effective way. By monitoring your health, possibly prescribing medication, and offering support through the process, a detox facility will help you come off drugs safely.

Taking Care of YourselfKeeping Moving

When we are detoxing from drugs, we often feel like sitting still or laying low. This can be good, as the body needs its rest. However, moving during our days can also be beneficial. Getting some light exercise during detox can help the body get everything moving and put the organs to work. It doesn’t need to be anything dramatic. Simply getting up and moving can make a significant difference.

Getting Your Nutrients

This one is especially important, as many of us don’t get proper nutrition when we’re using drugs. When we stop using, our bodies are often depleted of vital nutrients. Furthermore, eating well helps give the body energy during this time in which the body is working super hard. Sometimes when we’re detoxing we don’t feel like eating, but we need to find a way to nourish the body and give it the energy it needs to move forward. Try to get some vegetables, try drinking smoothies, and make sure you supply your body with healthy calories.

Taking Care of Yourself

Part of the detox process is experiencing some discomfort and pain. During the withdrawals from drugs and alcohol, we need to take care of ourselves. This may look different for all of us, and we have to find what feels caring and kind for ourselves. Try getting some rest, brewing yourself some tea, or taking a break and watching a movie. This doesn’t mean you necessarily are lazy; just remember to find ways to care for yourself as you move through this often difficult process.

Staying Clean

Of course detox is just the first step toward recovery. We can get the drugs out of our system completely, but we also need to make an effort to stay clean. The truth is that if you’re going through detox, this can be the last time you experience it. You don’t have to go through the withdrawal process again if you stay clean and steer clear of putting drugs into your body.

Whether it’s twelve-step groups, a residential treatment center, or living in a sober living, do what you need to do to stay clean. Perhaps you’ve built a life around using drugs and alcohol. Staying clean takes work and effort, so don’t take it lightly. Do what needs to be done to stay sober, as recovery truly is a possibility for addicts. Many go on to live happy and free lives after dealing with addiction.