Brewing Medicinal Teas at Home

Brewing Tea at Home

In terms of homeopathic medicine, there are many remedies to help ease the troubles of bothersome things that plague us on a daily basis. When we are tired or bloated, we often turn to an over-the-counter sleep aid, or stomach soother. But there are natural medicines that have been healing folks for hundreds of years, before name brand pain relievers were on the market, homeopathic remedies that can still help us today, with fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals.

Herbal or medicinal teas are quite useful for many different ailments and are very easy to make at home. Teas are made from natural plants with essential oils. They are not manufactured in laboratories. They are not boiled down chemicals that can bring unwanted harm to our bodies. We want safe, effective methods for treating simple ailments. Medicinal teas can be the answer!

Brewing tea at home offers even more health benefits than just purchasing them ready to drink. When you boil water and pour it over fresh herbs, you know what you are putting into your teas, thus into your body. You control the steeping time. You have full knowledge of what goes in and you can later adjust the herbs or steep time to better the effect you get from the tea itself. Many pre-packaged teas are total cut surface so that they take on water quickly and produce a brew in record time. When you use small cut surface leaves, it will take longer to brew, but you will achieve a higher potency from the leaf and thus reap much more medicinal effects from the same cup of tea.

Herbs for tea brewing can be purchased from many online stores or even grown in your kitchen garden box. The key is to determine what ailment you need to remedy, find which herb best suits that issue, and purchase or grow the fresh herbs. The rest is merely boiling water and sitting down to a relaxing cup of tea.

The most common health issues that are benefited by herbal teas are digestion related, restlessness, trouble falling asleep, anxiety, PMS or cramping, sore throat and basic cold symptoms.

Chamomile and Peppermint can help to relieve bloating and indigestion while Ginger is excellent for promoting stomach acid flow. Dandelion Root helps the liver to break down fats and carry away waste. It will help aide in digestion in the bowel. As will Senna, serving as nature’s best natural laxative. Peppermint will also assist in dissolving excess gas in the bowel, creating less flatulence. Ginger can also ease cramps. Echinacea will sooth a sore throat.

Passionflower, Chamomile, and Lavender are absolute essentials if you need help with anxiety, or restlessness. Separately, these herbs can help reduce tension in your body and lull you into a restful place. Combined, they may be the ticket to reduced anxiety and a sleep filled night. Saint John’s Wort has often been used to reduce anxiety as well.

Whatever reason you find for brewing tea at home, rest assured that the time you spend to collect, prepare and brew your herbs will greatly benefit your health, more so than purchasing ready to brew packages. With a little reading and a little time, you can avoid harsh pharmaceuticals for your most basic needs when you turn to the age-old remedies found in naturally brewed medicinal teas.