7 Reasons to Choose Natural Beauty

7 Reasons to Choose Natural Beauty

In 2016 Americans spent over $60 billion dollars on makeup and other cosmetics. But was it really worth all of that money we spent? Whether you are watching TV or scrolling through Instagram we are being bombarded with images of people wearing a ton of makeup. At the same time, there are many people who are looking for a natural beauty movement. This natural movement means that people to care more about their bodies and their environment when choosing products. So, why should you go natural with your beauty regimen?

1. Too Much Makeup Isn’t Attractive

Regardless of what the media is selling you, the truth is too much make up doesn’t look good to other people! A recent article, titled Too Much Makeup: The Psychology of Cosmetics, discusses how researchers have found that people do not like it when other people are wearing too much makeup. What people do prefer is when people are wearing light or natural looking makeup. So, one great reason to try to be more natural with your beauty routine is because you will actually end up looking better to other people and hopefully yourself as well.

2. Makeup is Full of Chemicals

Chemicals in MakeupThere are more and more natural beauty products on the market than ever before. We strongly suggest that you check your labels before investing in cosmetics because often what is in them is bad for you. ABC News reported last year that only 11 chemicals commonly found in makeup are actually regulated by the FDA. This means that the rest of what is in your products is largely unregulated. While use of these products might be ok in the short term we don’t know the effects of long-term use.

3. Cosmetics are Animal Tested

When choosing products we urge you to go natural not just for yourself but also for the world around you. Many cosmetics are animal tested and can have harmful effects on the very animals they are tested on. Luckily there is a lot you can do. If you look carefully at the labels of the products you chose you will see this some have a little icon that says “free from animal cruelty”. This icon indicates that the manufactures did not test on animals. If you are interested in learning more about animal testing and what you can do to take action you can check out the PETA website here.

4. Beauty Products are Bad for the Environment

A few years ago everyone was talking about how bad microbeads are for the planet. Recently that conversation has died down. But many companies still use harmful microbeads in their products. The problem is, that we have no way to actually break down or dispose of them. So, what happens is that these tiny pieces of plastic end up polluting our oceans. When you chose to go natural with beauty products you can find scrubs that have sand, algae, or other naturally occurring ingredients. That way, when the products swirl down the drain they aren’t hurting our planet.

5. Your Body is Balanced on its Own

Another reason natural beauty is great is because it is better for your body. Your body naturally balances its ph and creates the right amount of oils to keep your skin and hair healthy. When we constantly use products like soap and shampoo we can distrust these natural processes. Washing your hair or skin too frequently can dry it out and actually leave you off worse then when you started. If you are someone who has a three hour daily beauty routine, you might consider cutting it down and letting your body rebalance itself naturally.

6. You Can Save Money

You can save a lot of money by choosing natural beauty products or even making your own! Remember that 60 billion dollar people spent on makeup last year? Well, you can cut your own costs by making at home beauty products. You can find a ton of great recipes for DIY masks and scrubs

. Rather than spending a bunch of money on something new, you can use the ingredients you already have in your house.

7. Build Up Your Self-Esteem

The final reason you might want to go for natural beauty is that it might actually boost your self-esteem. There is evidence to suggest that when people wear makeup regularly they feel much less confident without it. The problem is, you without makeup is just you. If you don’t feel confident about your face you might not feel very good about yourself in general. However, if you stop wearing makeup or even just wear less of it you might start to feel more comfortable with how you look.

Whatever your stands out to you, there are certainly reasons to go for natural beauty. You don’t have to stop using makeup or beauty products all together. But, you might want to make intentional choices when picking your products and how often to use them.