What We Do...

We conduct a variety of experiments to test Natural Remedies and Treatments.

Natural Treatment Research

We study efficient ways to test natural treatment using plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables in our private laboratory.

Auto-Immune Research

Auto-Immune diseases are among the most difficult to cure or treat. We have a dedicated team for auto immune research.


Lab Technicians


Plants / Flowers / Fruits Tested


Active Tests



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What Are The Most Commonly Abused Drugs

People are always addicted to the forbidden things. And drugs are such things that is always abused and misused. And nowadays it has been acute. There is a survey that, teens around 11th -12th standard are the most addicted one towards the drugs. If you or somebody you know is struggling with drug abuse or […]

addiction treatment

What is a Twelve Step Program?

The Twelve Step plan is the most accepted, and perhaps the most misjudged, self-help plan in the world. With an initiation in the late thirties, it was urbanized by two alcoholics who were eyeing for a way out to their alcohol setback. From the time then, the twelve step program has prospered into over thirteen […]

meditation practice

Getting Started with Mindfulness Meditation

Care contemplation hone couldn’t be less complex: take a decent seat, focus on the breath, and when your consideration meanders, return. By following these basic advances, you can become more acquainted with yourself very close. Locate a decent spot in your home or flat, in a perfect world where there isn’t excessively mess and you […]

Testing every aspect of treatment

From plants and flowers to fruits and vegetables, research and implementation, we cover it all.