What We Do...

We conduct a variety of experiments to test Natural Remedies and Treatments.

Natural Treatment Research

We study efficient ways to test natural treatment using plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables in our private laboratory.

Auto-Immune Research

Auto-Immune diseases are among the most difficult to cure or treat. We have a dedicated team for auto immune research.


Lab Technicians


Plants / Flowers / Fruits Tested


Active Tests



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Woman Meditating

Why Try Meditation?

Meditation has become quite popular in the West in the last few decades. This ancient practice has grown to reach many people across different cultures, experiences, and lands. There are reasons that meditation has grown in popularity. It helps with many things! Simply doing a morning meditation to start the day can dramatically change your […]

Meditation and Our Health

Mindfulness Meditation and Our Health

Whether you’re new to mindfulness meditation or a seasoned veteran, you probably know that mindfulness can be a practice that greatly helps our health. From physical benefits like lowered blood pressure to mental benefits like more concentration, a simple 5 minute meditation practice in the morning can make a dramatic difference in our routine of […]

Detoxing from Drugs

Detoxing the Body from Drugs

As you probably know, drugs wreak havoc on your body. When you want to detox the body from the drugs you’ve been using, it may be quite uncomfortable or even painful. Benzodiazepine withdrawal could perhaps be the worst drug withdrawal out there, but other drugs like alcohol, opioids, and stimulants all can leave people feeling […]

Testing every aspect of treatment

From plants and flowers to fruits and vegetables, research and implementation, we cover it all.