What We Do...

We conduct a variety of experiments to test Natural Remedies and Treatments.

Natural Treatment Research

We study efficient ways to test natural treatment using plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables in our private laboratory.

Auto-Immune Research

Auto-Immune diseases are among the most difficult to cure or treat. We have a dedicated team for auto immune research.


Lab Technicians


Plants / Flowers / Fruits Tested


Active Tests



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what is social psychology

What is Social Psychology?

Social brain research is the logical investigation of how individuals’ considerations, emotions, and practices are affected by the genuine, envisioned, or suggested nearness of others. The terms contemplations, emotions, and practices incorporate the greater part of the mental factors that are quantifiable in an individual. The reference to envisioned or inferred others recommends that we […]

most addictive drugs

Which Drugs are the Most Addictive?

Addiction affects millions of people all around the world everyday and even claim lives in a daily basis. This is a raging disease that is way out of control. But fortunately we know how to control this and all sorts of methods and trials are in effect every day to get the world rid of […]

Addiction Transfer: Bypass to Alcoholism

“Nothing can prepare you for what can happen; both emotionally and physically.” Says Sandy, a gastric bypass patient from Westwood California. Sandy and thousands like her are experiencing what psychologists are calling “addiction transfer” which occurs after gastric bypass surgery when patients are physically unable to over eat. According to psychologist Melodie Moorehead, a leader […]

Testing every aspect of treatment

From plants and flowers to fruits and vegetables, research and implementation, we cover it all.